FC Horse Truck for Rent

Do you need to rent an equipped vehicle for the transport of your horses?

FC Horse Truck has vehicles available, with a capacity of up to two horses. They can be used by everyone: all you need is a B driving licence.

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Do you know when you will need to transport your horses?
Contact us by entering your details in the following form and we will provide you with all the information regarding availability, rates and rental conditions.

PLEASE NOTE: The request is NOT binding, but only constitutes sending your information to check the availability of the vehicle on the selected dates. We will reply as soon as possible indicating the availability on the indicated days.



    We're not only about sales and rental: we offer customised solutions for your needs, we're always there for you with our 360-degree assistance service. Come and visit us to discover our complete range of services where you'll be spoiled for choice!





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